Friday, November 21, 2008

A Proper Introduction

Well, now that I've been added to a blogroll (Johnathan Lapper's to be exact), I suppose a proper introduction is in order.
Krauthammer is a pen name that comes from being annoyed at Charles Krauthammer, but recognizing the splendor of his name. I'm still learning to write well, so don't mind me if I start to write in clipped/run on sentences.
I'm originally from the southside of Chicago, but I later moved to Silver Spring Maryland and now I'm in a small liberal arts college somewhere in the midwest. The whole "college" thing means that I have around three essays I'm working on right now, so I won't undate that often, and without that much substance, until around Dec. 15th or so, when my Winter break begins.

The title cripsandmutes was just the first thing that popped into my mind when I made the blog, it comes from an ol misshearing of the DEVO song "Be Stiff." which I was listening to at the moment. It was never ment to be a permanent title, I already have around three possible alternate titles in the works.

This weekend I should (should mind you, depending on if I hit a roadblock in my studies) repost and elaborate on that alphabet meme that is going around, and perhaps write a short history of my cinephilia. Until then, Krauthammer out.


bill r. said...

Looking forward to reading more, Krauthammer!

Jonathan Lapper said...

If my pseudonym was based on someone who annoyed me but whose name I liked I'd be "DiCaprio." It sounds cool, it's just that it belongs to... you know, that guy.

Jonathan Lapper said...

I think Bill and I should occupy places of honor on your blogroll for being the first two commenters.

bill r. said...

Leonid DiCampriano is a very good actor. He just is!

Jonathan Lapper said...

He still bugs me.

Fox said...

Whenever I'm talking to my parents on the phone, I often refer to Bill as The Hebrew Hammer (The "R" stands for Rabinovitz), and to Jonathan as Phi Slama Hammer (he was an amazing college hoops player... very few know this.)

p.s. I too look forward to your content Krauthammer!

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